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Vicki Olatundun is no ordinary speaker.  A totally unapologetic passionholic sold out to the cause of making change happen. Aptly described as a social justice architect, a challenge to the status quo and a creative non-profit strategist and that is just  to name a few.

Many have described Vicki Olatundun as persuasive, she says persuaded, they say convincing she says convinced. She says great, they say absolutely phenomenal. There is no question she is sold out to the cause of making life around her so much better and it shows in her ability to make change happen.

A passionate, powerful high-octane motivational speaker and author, Vicki says it like it is and she lives that way too. She is a socially conscious team leader with a passion for the people she serves as well as the people she serves with. A former attorney known for her visionary abilities in the not for profit sector, the avenue through which she has been making a sustainable difference for Manitobans over the last 15 years using business principles.

In 2014 Vicki was a nominee for the prestigious Woman of Distinction Award 2014 and in 2015 she was declared a “Change Maker” by Canadian Living Magazine, one of Canada’s 40 Change makers. 

In 2016 she took home the coveted Non-profit Excellence Award presented by the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce and in the same year she was honoured by the Manitoba Legislature for her service to families in South East Manitoba.  2017 saw her lead her team to another nomination for excellence by the Steinbach Chamber .


Vicki is an executive director of a not for profit organization and is also an instructor at a local college. An inspiring author with a penchant for writing in a very conversational yet thought provoking style. We are expecting her new offering in 2018.

One of my passions is Road Safety.


Saving lives is my oxygen! 

Can you believe that  by midnight 3400 people will lose their lives to a road traffic accident? EVERY SINGLE DAY! We need to do something about this. I had fun working on a new road safety park for kids. Just finished, isnt it cool? 

My latest book...


Please look for it on Amazon. It's all about my personal journey and how I overcame infertility and used the lessons learned to build an awesome business. I have been told it is a fun read.  

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It has been quite a busy time getting ready for my TED talk, the truth is, it has been super busy this week so this site will be updated this week. If you need to reach me the best way is through Linkedin.  Thank you.

This week reach out to me on Linkedin or my email.